2013 Barrel One source trip / Tanna Island / Vanuatu                                           

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Rather than purchasing our raw green arabica beans from a corporate importer, Barrel One Coffee Roasters buy directly from Farmer Co-operatives and Estate farms on Tanna Island. Not only does this allow a direct trade relationship in which we know our farmers, it also allows us to fund projects for the co-operatives and estates. Recently we donated Coffee Pulping machines to the farmers of INIK Co-operative. We saw their needs and delivered with products that would be beneficial to the Co-operative. When purchasing Tanna coffee from Barrel One you are directly helping the coffee farmers and the community of Tanna Island. 

2014 coffee harvest / Tanna Island / Vanuatu

2014 coffee harvest / Tanna Island / Vanuatu

Tanna Island is considered one of the most organic places on earth. The locally active Mt Yasur volcano is referred to by the local Ni-Vanuatuians as the mother of the land. Daily the volcano produces ash cloud which is blown northward by the South- easterly trade winds, fertilizing the subsistence farmers lands.

The island itself is made up of 20,000 people of which rely on subsistence farming methods for their livelihood. Each farmer has between 1 -2 acres of gardens in which they grow Taro, Casava, peanuts, cabbage and many other vegetables to either sell or procure for their families.

The cashcrop of the island is Coffee. In 2005 there was a huge push to expand the coffee industry by a pull and plant iniatitive. This resulted in a growth from 25 tonne per year upward of 100 tonne of coffee coming from this island. An intercropping system was created in which the coffee was planted in 3 metre rows, with every 1.5 metres being for their own crop. This intercropping system not only means the land can give them fresh produce, but also make money for the basics in life.

Mt Yasur Volcano plays a very important part in all the farmers lives giving vital organic nutrients for the soils. In numerous areas of the island where roads have been cut out of the hills you can notice huge soil bases. In one particular area there the soil goes down 3 metres, without a rock or clay to be seen.

Tanna Island Coffee beans are 100% organic and are a direct trade resource with all coffee coming from the island being traded directly from the INIK (together) farmers Co-operative. 

Thomas Pole
Australian Distribution Agent